An Encounter with Antisynthesis – First Draft


Everywhere I go, I see is a huge lack of Inhibition. The lack of inhibition is the cause of many problems, too many to count. It causes grave indignities. Another name for one type of Inhibition or inhibitory pattern that I came up with – A.G. All Rights Reserved (c) 2013 – is the Antisignal. It isn’t noise reduction or active noise control. That would be the application of antinoise to reduce noise. It isn’t antiphase either. It is antisignal, what you might call active signal control. Beautiful Signals was a term designed to be outrageously pejorative: The focus on beautiful signals is an example of the problem in question, the lack of inhibition, an almost complete lack of fundamental understanding of all things inhibitory. What you get is too much signal. No noise, just signal.

How do you manage **too much signal**? You either add noise, but not antinoise, in this case it would be a noise signal, such as white Gaussian noise. Understandably, there are many disciplines and practises which involve Antisignals and antisignal patterns which form part of what I have come to call Signal Science, though I am beginning to expand on this basis and currently calling it a form of Antisynthesis. Yet, though people use my truly original ideas without care or concern, without inhibition or attribution, and even profit from them, all too often I’m still treated as a bumbling idiot, no one showing all that much interest in my artistic production, and I am more often than not laughed at as an independent researcher and scholar. A lifetime of hard work and insane discipline has become just another angle in someone else’s Picture.

Well, folks, these are hard times I think for everyone. So let’s up the ante. I can prove that I am the authentic and independent author of these truly original ideas for a simple reason: I spent years verifying to make sure every last speck of dust in my Ideas Bank did not already exist, was not already invented by someone else before me. What I did use that was created by others has all been meticulously documented. That’s the simple thing that allows me to see my own signature when it is being passed around in the world and did not originate from me, its sole author, the only one authorized to use his Signature: No one has that documentation. You do not even know how the documentation process works, how the Archives are being built, and what the long-term Succession Strategy is. You can’t recreate a single of these uniquely, independently-arrived-at, truly original ideas. Only one author exists who is capable of producing such things. I could write you a 1000-page paper on how I came up with the Antisignal and you still wouldn’t get it.

A lot of that is accidental, incidental. You are most likely using an old out-dated technological vision. That’s one reason. Or, maybe you are an amateur, or not an inventor of original ideas, perhaps you are even a free-rider. I assure you that the protocol, if we can call it that, was designed to be fail-proof. Nassim Nicholas Taleb might say that it was founded on a principle of Antifragility. It is a thing that gains from disorder, as he famously says in the title of his book. The more the indignities go on with respect to my work, the more it succeeds. It was founded on the mechanics of fracture, failure, crack propagation and so forth. It was based on a vision of the way History looks on paper. It was learned through arduous training of continuously losing everything, of having my work defaced, stolen, lost, destroyed, on purpose and from natural disaster.

Note: I am not the author of the word itself, Anti-signal, but of the new original concept I have assigned to it for the purposes of my work as an artist and independent researcher. The actual authors of the term itself were those working in Inflammatory myopathy and targeting signal recognition particles (SRP), in particular the Anti-signal recognition particle antibodies or anti-SRP. I’m just the first ambient experimental sound designer to use it in the unique way that I am using it which no one could ever reproduce. I have no attachment to the term itself. Once people start using Antisignal or Beautiful Signal or any of these other terms in the way that I have used them, I will be introducing new terms. Antisignal only became necessary because Antiface, which I had been previously using, was re-appropriated by individuals engaged in the Selfie movement, to denote a Selfie where there is no Face present in the picture, which was never what Antiface was even remotely about.

I was forced to invent a new term, Antiselfie, though if I am not mistaken, it had already been used. But I now own the Twitter accounts for both @antisignal and @antiselfie, so there you have it. I’m still in business. **Antisynthesis* is a tough one because it already exists in some measure, just not in the way that I currently am using it. In my case, it stems from 20 years of practising computer-assisted sound design, particularly from a method of sound synthesis called additive synthesis, which has always been my shtick. Again, I’m the only person on earth who can do antisynthesis in this way, so don’t even try it.

The question I keep asking myself, though, is why do people work so hard just to copy others? They even justify this practise of copying without inhibition by saying that that is in fact what Art itself is and has always been. I’m telling you that it’s not. Now everyone wants to be an Artist and they aren’t listening to the warnings and cautionary tales coming from the established professional artists themselves. You gain nothing from copying others. You actually are helping destroy the market, the business, the industry. In fact, it has been argued that the worst thing for an artist to do is to copy themselves. So artists don’t even copy themselves, why would you copy the work of other artists? It’s not like posting this on-line is going to do anything to secure the copyright on my material, nor will it help pay the lawyer fees I would need to uphold my rights. If it wasn’t for the fact, come to think of it, that this is being posted on… I forgot about that! I do own the rights after all! It took 20+ years of arduous, pain-staking research and work, but I’ll be darned, I finally found a way to secure my own authenticity and genuineness! Thank you! All I ever wanted was the freedom to be myself and be myself fully and truly, genuinely me. Thank you for your lack of inhibition, you may have just made me famous! I can hear the Nobel people calling in the distance…. 😉

Alex Gagnon (c) 2013. All Rights Reserved.


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