Roadmap 2014 – Logs


2014 is going to be a big year for me. I wanted to take the time and make a few simple things crystal clear for everybody. I don’t want to have to repeat myself any more than is necessary.

This is where I will be logging everything from now on. Everything that I need to say to the world will be logged right here. I will no longer be engaging much in social discussions on other platforms.

The reasons are simple. I have been blogging every day since 2001 and have received very little feedback or engagement from others. At the moment, more and more people are showing interest in what I have to say and so this is the optimal way for me to keep everyone on the same page.

Again, I will be interacting very little on other platforms. In order to simplify things for myself, I will be posting everything anyone needs to know right here, in these ongoing Logs. These Logs are all Public-Facing. I reserve the right to communicate with others across more private channels. However, I have found that too many people do not know how to respect my privacy properly when I interact with them privately, and so I am forced in this way to do everything out in the open.

To conclude, another reason I am not going to be interacting much with others on social media sites is that people also don’t seem to know how to respect me there either. It is in this that way I have set up a kind of buffer zone, if you will, between myself and the world. I face the world, the world faces me, the Interface between these two is my personal website.

This is not meant to offend anyone. If ever you feel that you haven’t received the memo it’s probably because I never sent one to anybody. Come back here and check the Logs. This is not meant to Provoke but rather to Denounce, though no individual shall be named or otherwise made identifiable in any way. This is not about YOU, it’s about ME.

You see, here is the thing, plain and simple. If I continue interacting and engaging with others on social sites and in private channels, I lose this ability to freely speak my mind publicly like this. This is the only way going forward that I can freely speak my mind publicly and have a clean conscience about it. Anyone who is offended by this will have to check their own conscience, or check this website for updates on what I’m thinking and doing. (It’s not like I will be doing anything out of the ordinary. These are just Logs, more or less like an expanded Calendar and To-Do List combined).

Life is too short. You’ve got to learn to relax. I find that too many people have become information gluttons, are suffering from a new kind of gluttony that is pervasive and something that I find is bad for my heart, my spirit, and my soul. Too many people are afraid, but I am not afraid. Be not afraid. 2014 is going to be a big year for me. If you think that I have disappeared, I haven’t. I am right here, using this platform as my Interface with the World.

A.G. (c) 2013


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