Basic Information

Discovery Agent. Signal Science. Database Arts.
I have been a visual artist since I was about 4 years old, come from a long line of professional artists, and graduated with honors from Trebas Institute, in Computer-Assisted Sound Design. I live in the Province of Québec, Canada. I enjoy using digital media not only to broadcast my work, but to interact with people like you. Don’t be shy, please comment, I will answer back and love to engage in conversation in the vibrant community that is Facebook, and other social media platforms. Enjoy!
Personal Information
I am a Strategic Intermedia Artist, invetor of The Antiface Strategy, of the Novelistic Phenomenology, of Tonal-Cinema, Concrete Realism, of the concepts of Antiface, Hyper-Solemnity, Geo-Grammar, Neurotrauma, “Works of Grief”, Directional Motility, Intentional Subtypes, Writing-Without-Writing, and many more. I am the author of several novels, namely The Exhibition in Tonal Cinema, The History-Project, In The Name of Beauty and Truth, Pilgrim Bronze, Crackland and The Crackland Journals, and many more.
Personal Interests
art design history philosophy theory

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