Writing The Book


I write books in my mind’s eye at a speed greater than the speed of light. It’s not entirely an automatic process. I can control it to some degree. It depends on the day I guess, or time of day. One definitely has to be in the right mood, in the right circumstances. But when one decides to write books in this way, it goes very fast.

I write books too fast, in fact. I often wish there was a way to slow it down. A fully formed book up to 1000 pages long is written almost instantaneously. I can write books like this one after the other, and write several books concurrently. This causes me many problems, however.

I can’t seem to get any real writing done these days. As soon as I set my mind to writing something down, suddenly a new book has appeared, already fully formed. Then another. Then another. The books branch out and form networks of fully formed books. This isn’t an abstraction or a generalization. I am speaking of fully formed books up to 1000 pages long, with all the individual chapters written, all the intertwining plots and subplots, the Characters fully formed too, all the settings, every last detail is created almost instantaneously.

The main problem is that if I tried to write a single book, I wouldn’t get very far. As I noted above, I do not always have control over the process. Sometimes books are created spontaneously and at times are created in such great numbers that I can only sit back and stare at the infinite series of books being created. The infinite series of books being created AND LOST, I should say. For they are lost forever. I could never write it all down.

I just stared at the Book Continuum a few moments ago. It was wonderful, a genuinely ecstatic experience, almost mystical in flavor. I tried writing some of it down, but Lord knows I couldn’t get very far. I started researching for one book, then another book led me down a separate path. I ended up with a gigantic, massive complex network of interconnected book, at least the equivalent of a lifetime of books by a prolific author.

Are the books any good? Absolutely. They are perfect. I just haven’t found a medium that lets me capture them properly.

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