Don’t Worry, Be Happy


Consumer confidence and consumer attitudes primarily affect => consumers! Stop being so pissy about everything! Companies spent 100+ years building this amazing Wonderland of Offers for one reason and solely one reason => to make you happy!

Yet you are depressed. If you want sustained double-digit growth, you know what you should do? Don’t Worry, Be happy!

Happiness is one of the biggest most profitable brands in human history. I would argue it is the SINGLE brand of humankind. All other brands are imitations. Everyone is chasing the Smiley. We invented emoticons so we could express more joy through computer-mediated communications.

All of this was built so you and I could be happy. Why not smile every once in a while? Why not be happy?

[Happiness not brought to you by State Mutual Life Assurance Company of Worcester, Massachusetts]

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