The Future of Learning IS Khan Academy!


Khan Academy Enters Next Era With iPad App | Fast Company

"Khan Academy, the wildly popular Youtube lecture series, is slated to launch its iPad app any minute now in Apple’s store. The enhanced version of Khan Academy will include time-syncing between devices–no Internet connection required, an interactive transcript of the lectures for easy searching, and a handy scrubber for moving between parts of the lectures. Perhaps more importantly, now that more schools have begun adopting Khan’s lectures for their own classrooms, the free iPad app could possibly replace or supplement textbooks, saving cash-strapped schools and students a lot of money."

Really, I have experienced it first-hand: Khan Academy is a first-rate institution, perhaps the first of a new breed of self-sustaining, futuristic institution. I have learned to program in Python from the Khan Academy website, as well as brushed up on my Probability and Calculus. It is unbelievable how great these video lectures are. And it’s at the head of a whole new movement of "free online courses", maybe it is the true "coming-of-age" of e-Learning 3.0?

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