Discovery is the Magic Word These Days!


Social media aids content discovery, not engagement, says Outbrain By Shona Ghosh…_outb

"Social media services such as Twitter and Facebook are "amazing" for helping users discover articles, but "contribute very little" when it comes to keeping them there, according to link recommendation service Outbrain. Speaking to StrategyEye, CEO Yaron Galai says that publishers have mistakenly "bought into the hype" of Facebook in particular, rushing to partner with the social network to boost their digital presence, when in fact the site is one of their biggest ad rivals. .Being a publisher is fundamentally about two things – owning the consumer relationships and owning the ad relationships," he says. "Facebook is a publisher. Their business is not a social network, it’s selling ads to advertisers and owning the relationships. When you give content to your number one competitor on both consumer relationships and advertiser relationships, they run to the advertisers and say: &#145Now we have all the readers in the world – including the Guardian’s, Independent’s and Yahoo!’s – so buy advertising from us. We now know more about them than the publisher.’ I can’t see how that plays out well.""

"Discovery" is the new catch-word. After "Discovery" comes deep relevance, i.e. "Serendipitous" discovery. Social curation leads to social "creation", i.e. the "creation" of so-called "social objects". Within the Enterprise, "content discovery" means "competitive" or "business intelligence". Outside the corporation, we speak of "Unknown Unknowns", i.e. of specificities that are not explicitly "intelligent" with regard to a corporations "deepest" understanding of "itself" where "itself" means "all relevant knowledge collected about X".

Everyone is a "brand" now, and every "brand" is a "media company". Either live with it or live without it, either way you are an unhappy bugger dealing with ultimately "real-time" updates that are essentially "incoherent" in comparison to the basic "facts" that were "collected" before this time…

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