Romain Goday: On The Rise of Engines of (Content) Discovery

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Search and discovery are two very different approaches to information consumption. Search has boomed in the last decade, more than 130 billion searches were conducted during 2010. Information overload is driving a new approach to consuming Web information. Search provides an answer. “Discovery” provides awareness. While still at an early stage a new breed of tools, content discovery engines, is gaining traction to complement search engines.

Search vs Discovery: Advantages of Internet Content Discovery Tools

Content discovery tools offer a new approach to information consumption that brings a series of advantages over search engines:

– Awareness instead of specific answers: Discovery engines aggregate content related to a particular area of interest.

– Provide ongoing content: Staying aware means monitoring topics of interest over time. The Internet content discovery process continues as long as the user maintains interest in that specific topic.

– Focus on fresh content: The time-frame varies depending on the specific tool, but the common trait of discovery engines is their emphasis in newly published information.

– Facilitate content selection by the user: With content discovery tools, the user plays a larger role in the selection process.

– Provide unexpected information: In discovery mode, users do not have a specific result they are looking for.

via Search vs Discovery (Or A New Approach to Information Consumption)

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