Martin Bryant Speaks of John Naughton’s Beef with Graphic Designers

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Design isn’t just about bells and whistles


As the Open University’s Professor of the Public Understanding of
Technology, and with two books about the Internet under his belt, John
Naughton should know better than to argue that graphic design on
websites is just about aesthetics – the Web isn’t the “Library of
Alexandria on steroids” he suggests it is, it’s grown into a multimedia
canvas for human expression.


Through video content, audio clips, tastefully implemented HTML5,
heck – even with the much-maligned Flash, we can create Web pages that
do far more than offer written content – they can stir our emotions in
ways that simply weren’t possible a few years ago. Graphic design is a
valid and important part of the overall content.


via No, Graphic Design Isn’t Ruining the Web.


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